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Grammar Can be Fun (Too!!)

‘What? Grammar and fun? No no no…. the two things don’t match at all’; that would be the instant reaction, one would give because a lot of us would give because many of us find grammar very boring as it reminds them of school grammar. Those unfathomable definitions to be learnt and by hearted, those meaningless titles, and finally those unending exercises to be filled in. The average grammar book was more useful as a cure for sleeplessness than a tool for language learning.

But those days are now over. We have to make grammar learning a fun activity. The boredom and fear a grammar book give a person, can be effectively removed by the proper understanding of the subject.

The grammar that we will learn here is not for the sake of appearing for any exams, but to understand it and master the language in a better way. Learning grammar is not a god given gift, but rather a skill. Skills can be mastered by perseverance and hard work this definitely sharpens one’s ability to express thoughts and feelings in a better way and reduce the perpetual fear of ‘getting-through’.

The actual purpose of grammar is communication. Communicate clearly and you start to think more clearly, and this in turn improves your communication skills. A total spiral effect or cycle, to such an extent that the words come fully under your command.

If vocabulary is like building blocks of a language, then grammar is like cement. It is the material that holds the language together. And that is the basic importance of grammar.

One needs grammar everywhere –

· In day-to-day conversations

· In telephonic conversations and chats

· In drafting letters and emails

· I facing interviews

Now how can all this learning be made a fun activity? It’s easy – no tedious definitions but easy to understand explanations, learning concepts through games, videos and quizzes. Plus, a lot of emphasis is laid on practical grammar by solving exercises which enhances one’s speaking abilities immediately.

Learn grammar the fun way and make its role in your daily life in such a way that it will transform itself from a source of worry to a source of support, strength and superiority.


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