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Apurva Kulkarni

From being an absolutely shy person to giving my first speech in front of an audience- that is my journey with ClassApart. The only person behind my growth in this journey is my sweetest mentor Devaki Di. She is an amazing woman and an absolute inspiration to me. Activities, mocks, seminars, games and a lot more was included in the course. She made sure that everyone was participating and also helped us to get out of our comfort zone very easily. She has groomed us so well. In this modern era, everyone is stressed about getting the limelight with their communication skills and their personality too. Don’t even think twice, trust me and just go for ClassApart! Happy learning!

Pranav Savley

A great place for enjoyable learning - not just to learn English, but many other topics like vocabulary, grammar, public speaking... just to name a few! Very conducive atmosphere where each session is full of fun! Each session is unique and very well designed. 

Really a Class Apart!


Vijay Chavan

Throughout my school days, I was a very shy and a very introverted person with low self-esteem. I faced lots of difficulties in Public-Speaking when I came to collage too. I was not able to make friends and struggled with all my assignment presentations. I used to get nervous, anxious, stuck in-between and more. Then I realized, communication is a very crucial skill and that I have to possess it. I can’t run away from it; I have to face it.

Then I came across the Public-Speaking course by CLASSAPART! From the very first session, I knew that this is what I needed and wanted. I still remember the first class when I had to talk in front of everyone. Initially, it was terrifying, but later on I started enjoying a lot. Devaki ma’am is so kind to everyone. She taught us everything so beautifully and with immense passion.  Every class was full of activities and new lessons. Her review always helped me see where I was going wrong and how I could improvise. And that’s how I started enjoying presenting myself in front of people.

Thank-you ma’am, for the selfless efforts you put in us. You gave me the tools that I needed to grow and learn. I always wanted to express myself and you gave me the voice.

I wish that my course had never ended. 

Thank-you ma'am!

Parlisha Shah

ClassApart helps you go that extra mile when it comes to 'communicating effectively'. Being an intern, I got the opportunity to manage the team as well as build my personality in the process. I got to learn grooming, confidence building and interview skills. I would describe the journey with ClassApart as that of transforming oneself into a better individual. 


Mukta Dhere

I have seen Devaki dream, nurture and establish her vision of creating her own, unique platform, and today we see it as a reality in the form of ClassApart. Her enterprise is not just an educational entity, but she has created a safe place for many, to make mistakes confidently and to imbibe confidence, etiquettes and values in oneself. ClassApart is a school of tomorrow, where imperfections are embraced and you are groomed to face the new winds of our time.

I am proud, not only of this empowering vision, but also her dedication to give a piece of her wisdom to every new batch that she teaches. She is a self-made woman who has the power to win any room she steps in, and I am sure she passes her spark on to everyone around her. Today, when we need an inclusive and vocational education system, ClassApart sets the bar, by being the ideal place to learn.

My best wishes to Devaki and team ClassApart, for all the upcoming endeavours!

Nimish Bedarkar

Education is a need but I think Personal Development is a necessity.

ClassApart is an amazing place where students get to learn a lot APART from what is taught in classes every day. It is mentored by Devaki Purohit.

She is a/an

C ommunicator,

L ogical-thinker,

A rtist,

S implistic teacher,

S upportive human,

A ccessible friend,

P sychology expert,

A chiever,

R esolute personality,

T rustworthy stranger and so much more.

She has been an ardent teacher not just for the students who have been a part of her courses, but also for me who has known her for 5 years. According to me, that is truly what we need, to be able to develop our self in each and everything that we do.

There is always a knack to knowing your hidden talents and once you become a part of ClassApart, there are a plethora of opportunities that one suddenly realises exist in their own individual lives. One completely changes their outlook on life once we are exposed to new ways of learning. Gamification, understanding the exact problems and solving them in a unique way, making sure each and everyone gets to pass their hurdles, etc. are a part of learning and that is exactly what ClassApart is all about.


Rahul Vase

From this course, I have sharpened all those skills that make me class apart from others. I have gained confidence in myself to speak on stage. I came to know various minor things that play a vital role in public speaking! Thank you so much Devaki Ma'am! 

Prashant Rao

ClassApart has always been outdoing itself year after year, with a plethora of workshops taking place since its inception. With a huge focus on developing and nurturing soft-skills and confidence among people, ClassApart not only provides corporate training, but also one-on-one counselling sessions for individuals. With courses on public-speaking, grooming, grammar, confidence building and many more being provided, ClassApart has literally been 'a class apart' from other similar initiatives. Devaki has always put her client’s well-being and needs as the top priority and her hard-working ethic is one of the reasons ClassApart has grown tremendously over the past two years. A huge kudos to the team of ClassApart!


Sohail Sanghvi

I think of soft skills as an integral component to have in one's skillset. They are those skills that mainly get reflected when dealing with people, and require a certain level of understanding and training to develop.

That being said, they are certainly not easy to develop and do require a certain level of training and mastering. Dealing with insecurities and stepping out of your comfort zone are not very easy to do.

And while there are not many places that provide such training, I am glad to have known one such person who helps people harness their true potential by overcoming obstacles. That person is Devaki, someone I have known since our college times.

Devaki is someone who has, over the course of time, equipped herself with great interpersonal and time management skills and also has a great understanding of how to deal with situations.

Mayank Takawane

ClassApart is helping people tackle the challenges that keep them back in life. Unlike most of the offerings in the market that focus on a specific skill, ClassApart provides a holistic development by equipping you with all the necessary skills in the right proportion. Devaki Purohit, ClassApart’s founder, has an amazing perspective on solving challenges and her first offering of combining the lessons of Psychology and English has helped a huge number of students solve the challenge of speaking English confidently. This is just the beginning, Devaki Purohit is revolutionary, ClassApart is a revolution!


Ajinkya Pawar 

Before joining ClassApart, I thought this subject was very boring, because English was very difficult for me. That is not the case anymore, thanks to ClassApart. 

When I joined this class, I realized that it was very different from my school and college classes of English. 

I am from a Marathi Medium Background, but ma’am taught some amazing techniques to speak English more fluently. She imbibed confidence in me. Maximum number of classes were practical-learning based, building self-confidence immediately. Devaki Ma’am also encouraged us students to do new things. We all were interacting freely with he because of her friendly nature. I don’t remember a single case when she got angry/shouted at us. Instead, she kept a smiling face at all times and made the classes feel so positive.

Thank you so much ma’am!

Vikrant Mangalore

Devaki ma'am is an enthusiastic teacher who has a great passion for teaching English and soft skills. She started ClassApart with the aim of empowering students to speak and think confidently and be the best version of themselves. With a vibrant personality and an impeccable command over English, she is going to play a pivotal role in your transformation. So go ahead and join Class Apart and see yourself become the best version of yourself!


Tushar Jangale 

I am very lucky to get a chance to learn two English courses from ClassApart. Madhuri Purohit Madam took the first course- Grammar 
Madhuri Madam took this course in such a way that I feel very confident in myself for moving forward. 
The second course was Public Speaking, conducted by Devaki Purohit. Before joining this course, I felt really scared while speaking in public and my body language was very bad. But Devaki Madam takes this course very effectively with lots of activities and interactive sessions.
Every activity and interactive session built up confidence and taught me so much. 
Those who lack confidence in themselves or in their English-speaking skills, must join ClassApart at the earliest.
Thank you so much ClassApart for such wonderful courses.

Bishal Barnwal 

It was a wonderful experience! I learnt so many new things and concepts.
My personality literally improved tremendously after joining ClassApart!
Thank you so much!

Man Fashion Watch

Shivani Saindane

I was in the same college with Devaki di and I always wanted to learn new things from her. Then one day I saw one pamphlet telling ma that Devaki di was going to start a new batch for students who wanted to learn and grow their skills. Without a second thought, I applied for the same. It has been a beautiful journey from being a junior to being a student of hers. The classes that I took from ClassApart have changed my life. I was very timid and shy when it came to my presentations and wanted to overcome that. Devaki di has helped me throughout to become the confident women that I am today. All the lectures she gave us and all the activities we did in class were so much fun. I really enjoyed her method of teaching and the interactive classes we had. Thank you so much di for mentoring me. It has really helped me a lot!

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